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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Matching patients with specialists that can truly help them

Improving healthcare access for patients while helping clinicians practice at the highest level of care they can deliver


lost in care transition 


revenue lost in referral leakages

4 weeks+

wait time to get appointment with specialist


no-show rates for specialty appointments

Specialists & Surgeons


Pain points that our stakeholders face:

  • 80 % of my time is spent seeing patients who did not need to see me

  • I manage my own calendar to ensure quality/relevant appointments

  • Hiring an FTE to navigate patient care is cost-prohibitive at my practice



  • I got an appointment with a surgeon 10 weeks out. At that appointment, I was referred to a pain management specialist who was could have seen me within 2 weeks to begin with - I didn't want to have a surgery.

  • My PCP gave me a list of specialists and I spent 6+ hours calling them one-by-one to find out who was covered by my insurance covered and to find the best appointment for me


Primary Care Providers (PCPs)

  • I have limited visibility to sub-specialty / area of expertise of specialists and no visibility to their availability to help navigate my patient to the right care.

  • Sometimes I only realize that the patient didn't get the care, when she comes back to me months later with worsening symptoms.

How can we help?

Make appointments at PCPs office

Making appointments at point-of-care increases patient show rates by 60%

Improve patient satisfaction

Patients report higher satisfaction as the gaps in care coordination close and save time for them

Reduce Administrative Costs

Bring down administrative costs by 80% using our tech solution

Optimize Clinician's time

Specialists see a more relevant patient pool, increasing their satisfaction and reducing burnout

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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